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Mohan Paints has over the years developed a very robust painting system for the Fertiliser Industry and is continuously upgrading the product to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. We have our own application team that undertakes the complete job of painting at the site.

In the Fertiliser segment, major areas where our products are being used are:

  1. Cooling tower area including all pipelines, sand filters, valves
  2. Power plant support structures and compressors, etc
  3. Urea area including prilling tower platforms, support structures, cable support, pipelines, etc
  4. Bagging area including loading platforms structure, packing area, conveyor belt areas, silos, etc
  5. Ammonia, Water, Chemicals, Furnace oil and other storage tanks

In all these areas different types of coatings is used and deployed to not only prevent further rusting but also enhance life of the structures. We undertake guarantee based supply and apply projects for total Paint maintenance of the plant in all the areas to ensure smooth operations and prevention of rusting of steel structures.