Based on our R&D strength, we have introduced a unique concept in painting application and have been providing guaranteed life of our paint even in most severe applications.  Before making an offer, we do a site survey based on which we recommend specific paint and stand guarantee for the life of the paint without any pre-conditions. 

The guaranteed life for the paint is achieved through strict quality control during

  1. Procurement of raw material
  2. Manufacturing process and also
  3. During application through quality supervision



We normally undertake painting contracts on “Supply and Apply” basis.  However, based on specific customer requirement, application of the paint can be done by local painting contractors with paint supplied by us, under our supervision, still maintaining our guarantee for the life of the paint.

Based on above “Supply and Apply” concept, we apart from regular supply of Paint Products to different industry segments, also undertake projects in the organizations for regular and specific maintenance jobs, including new structure painting. We have a team of highly specialized applicators and supervisors for deployment in all kinds of areas including High Rise Towers, Steel Structures, Tanks, Pipelines, etc. In the past we have executed time bound and critical jobs inside tanks and exterior of Cooling Towers with guaranteed performance and with encouraging results in what are otherwise, highly corrosive areas.

Our well designed assessment based approach first highlights the problematic areas, suggest solutions based on overall observations including expected life of the coatings, thereby resulting in better upkeep of the underlying asset and ensuring avoidance of corrosion.