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Application Guide

  1. Application of paint should be done at ambient temperature. The surface should also be at ambient temperature.
  2. Do not apply paint when the temperature drops below 10 deg C.
  3. Do not apply when humidity is above 90% or during fog, rain or mist.
  4. Choose the correct painting process for which the paint has been designed, like brushing, spraying or trowelling. Adjust the viscosity if required with recommended thinner only.
  5. Primer surface should be over-coated after the specified overcoatability time.
  6. Blast cleaned surface should be coated with primer within 3-4 hours under normal conditions.
  7. All the two-pack paints should be mixed in proper proportion and applied after the specified induction time, which is generally 15-30 minutes. The mixed paint should be used up within the pot life specified.